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What is the difference between cast and extruded sheet?

For everyday use there isn’t much difference, this is just how the sheet is made.

Can I cut and drill acrylic?

Everyday diy woodworking tools can be used cut and drill acrylic, as long as care is taken this is quite simple.

What is the difference between acrylic, polycarbonate and petg?

Acrylic is Light and strong and available in a number of colours. Clear acrylic has very good light transmission, which is equal to glass. Polycarbonate is heavier but virtually unbreakable, but being softer it does scratch easier. Petg has similar properties to polycarbonate but is food safe.

What is the difference between Perspex, acrylic and Plexiglass?

Acrylic is the plastic sheet whereas Perspex and Plexiglas are brand names of acrylic sheet (a bit like calling a vacuum a Hoover)