How to install polycarbonate sheet roofing

Begin by flat laying your sheets and glazing bars to make sure the sheets fit the structure correctly with no gaps. Starting with the glazing bars, these should be placed on the edges of the roof, insert your fixings into pre drilled holes, these should be around 500mm apart, to effectively secure your bars ready for the sheets. If your roof requires eaves fillers these should be added at this point before adding the sheets. Start by attaching one to the glazing bar and one on the end of your roof, then line up the sheets on the roof ready for fixing. With a glazing bar attached between each sheet you can ensure any gaps are properly sealed. Once the sheets have been aligned on the roof and attached with bars you can add the screws and caps to secure everything. You can then remove the protective film from the sheets and begin drilling additional screws and fixings to further strengthen the structure.