Why perspex sheets are the flexible resource you never knew you needed

Why perspex sheets are the flexible resource you never knew you needed

Perhaps you’re considering a home renovation. Looking for an effective solution for your business. Or simply looking at an alternative to glass. If that’s the case, then Perspex sheets might just be the answer. More flexible, versatile and visually appealing than you would think, Perspex isn’t a material that we should not relegate to the kitchen cupboards. With Perspex plastic, there are a thousand things you can do – the limit is your imagination.

If you’re wondering exactly why a Perspex sheet cut to size might be the ideal solution for you, we’ve got a little inspiration to get you started. If you’re looking for ideas of home décor or wondering how practical Perspex could be for an upcoming project, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few thoughts to get you started:

Perspex Plastic Inside The Home

Perspex might be the last material you’d think to see in the home. Still, this hardy resource is a great way to add interest and modern touches to your living space without sacrificing quality and functionality. Opting for a transparent Perspex sheet, cut to size and shape, can provide a way to create a simple yet effective splashback in your kitchen, for example. Because of the transparent nature of Perspex, your original tile choices shine through – while protecting them from splashback due to oils and other materials during the cooking process.

Perspex is also a great choice to protect countertops and tables in the home if used correctly. With a little inspiration, it can replace wipe-clean surfaces in bathrooms and other spaces too – replacing glass with a hardy, less brittle material that’s much better suited to family households. Or to those that need to ‘bounce back’ more effectively. If you’re looking for ‘Perspex sheet near me’, Plastic Sheets Direct has a wide range of ideas and insights into adding Perspex into your home in useful and practical ways.

Perspex Cut To Size For Outdoor Use

Looking for a bright, practical resource for use in the great outdoors? Because Perspex is such a hard-wearing material, it’s also a valuable replacement for glass in a range of different circumstances – and is often more affordable, too. Outdoor glazing, such as for greenhouses or even animal spaces, is an excellent use of Perspex and plastics. Hard-wearing, easy to clean and practical to maintain, with a bespoke Perspex sheet cut to size, making the most of outdoor space is far more manageable.

While glass is useful in some circumstances, Perspex has the benefit of being far less breakable. This higher degree of safety offers powerful weather protection. As well as the ability to look just as good years down the line as it does at first install. Frosted Perspex is even an option if you’re looking to better-control light levels, for example, in a greenhouse that doesn’t require high levels of sun throughout the whole day to maintain plant growth properly.

Architectural Applications For Perspex Plastic

When it comes to architectural design, Perspex doesn’t have to be an afterthought on existing properties. By cutting this unique and affordable material in clear Perspex sheets, you can use it in glazing, creating feature walls and even roofing in newly built homes. By opting for Perspex over more conventional materials, you get the benefit of bespoke work that’s perfectly fit for purpose. While glass can become incredibly expensive, especially for custom or less-standard window sizes, Perspex is affordable and looks incredible.

Transparent roofing, or even frosted roofing, can make a significant impact on internal spaces. Elevating sunrooms or even living and kitchen spaces with increased light and an expansive feel.

Opting for Perspex in architectural design is a more viable alternative than many companies might realise. By providing their customers with an alternative to more expensive materials, there’s a great deal more flexibility to create something incredible – without breaking the bank. If you’re looking for Perspex cut to size, then Plastic Sheets Direct can offer construction-quality plastics cut and made entirely bespoke for that specific purpose. No workarounds or complicated installs required.

Retail And Industrial Uses For Opaque And Clear Perspex Sheets

Of course, Perspex isn’t just suited to homeowners or property developers. This highly versatile material also has plenty of commercial and industrial functionality. For POS and retail displays, cut to size Perspex offers a light, easy-to-move and practical to use solution. It’s also hardy and difficult to break, making it suited for shop floors and high-traffic areas. In addition, the wipe-clean nature and easy sanitisation of Perspex can make it suitable for use at till points. As well as in other contact areas in retail.

As for industrial use, Perspex offers a lightweight and practical way to divide off space. It comes in a vast range of shapes, sizes and even thicknesses. This means there’s a flexible solution for just about any application. Thanks to the hardwearing nature of the material, and its ability to withstand higher temperatures than glass, Perspex is also well-suited to use in factories and manufacturing businesses in addition. With Perspex plastic, both clear and frosted, the sky is the limit.

Why Is Perspex Plastic The Solution For Me?

Why choose Perspex? There are many reasons why this flexible and versatile plastic is the ultimate solution. Because it’s affordable, easy to cut to size and convenient to install, it has a thousand uses. In comparison to glass and metal, the process for using Perspex is easy and straightforward. No additional training or specialist skills needed in most cases. Mainly for home installs, the ability to have Perspex cut to size is incredibly valuable. It means no long wait for supplies, and no having to make pre-existing sheets fit into existing spaces.

At Plastic Sheets Direct, the highest quality of Perspex is our standard. That means you’re getting exceptional quality materials without the need for high costs. The ability to create bespoke shapes and sizes means the range of applications available are even wider. By choosing Perspex, you can expand what you can offer to your customers. Whether it’s generic shapes or entirely custom-made designs, our team can help you get there.

The Ideal Way To Invest In Bespoke Perspex Sheets

Now bespoke Perspex sheets sound like the ideal option. Where can you get your hands on this material? Plastic Sheets Direct is a perfect choice. We work with Perspex across all shapes, sizes and colours. From simple splashbacks to sophisticated dividers and POS displays, we can create it all. With your inspiration and our bespoke cutting and shaping tools, we can create Perspex sheets that work for you. If Perspex is your ideal choice for architecture or interior design, we can provide the materials needed.

By working with a dedicated company, you’re gaining access to expertise and insight into the world of plastics. Opting for creating bespoke solutions internally may seem like an excellent way to cut costs. But you can’t match years of experience – or the quality of our output – without that expertise. If Perspex is the ideal addition to your fabrication and manufacturing process, Plastic Sheets Direct have you covered. For bespoke Perspex that’s perfectly designed to the millimetre, we’re the team you want.

If you’re interested in how Perspex can benefit your business, get in touch with us today. Our team is always happy to answer questions and queries. Whether you’re early in design stages and sourcing materials or adding on to existing design, we’ve got the expertise to help. For bespoke Perspex made to measure sheets, Plastic Sheets Direct is the solution. Drop us a line now to find out more.