Plain sheet Acrylic Garden Mirror or plastic mirror, is far stronger than glass and as such is safer than glass and perfect as an outdoor mirror. It is great for mounting to a fence, wall or hedge, standing alone in a frame as a Totem, or hanging behind trellis to give a garden a sense of space and light. Acrylic Garden mirrors can be used to reflect the sun into a dark corner of the garden. The sheet consists of a sheet of clear 3mm quality acrylic with a silver layer laminated to the rear to create the mirror effect. Because it is safer than glass, it lends itself to so many applications – Please see below.

Applications for Acrylic Mirror Sheet
Acrylic Mirror is also excellent for use in children’s bedroom, nursery’s, playgrounds etc.. We can provide acrylic mirror in plain shapes ie squares and rectangles, but we can also CNC cut the sheets to virtually any 2D shape that you may require. Please take a look at our ‘from stock’ fun mirrors. We can provide mirrors most sizes up to an 8feet x 4feet sheet (24400x1220mm) Acrylic Mirror is often supplied as safe mirror for Stable Mirrors, Dance Hall Mirrors, Pub & Club Mirrors etc. Please note: Acrylic mirrors can not give you a 100% flat and true reflective image. We recommend fixing to a completely flat surface for the best reflective image. Mirrors can reflect sunlight and should be positioned with care – avoid direct sunlight.