Why coloured perspex is one of the most versatile and innovative options on the market

Why coloured perspex is one of the most versatile and innovative options on the market

Coloured Perspex is the best solution for changing décor for an existing space. Redecoration can be a challenge, just as much as starting with a blank slate. With existing structures in place, getting creative is a must to get the most out of the area. But whether you’re working with what already exists, or building something from the ground up, materials shouldn’t be a last-minute consideration. For dividing space, creating focal points and even replacing conventional glass functionalities, Perspex is an excellent choice.

There are so many different options for Perspex acrylic out there. As such, it would be challenging to include all the incredible and versatile solutions this material can offer in one article. So when it comes to coloured Perspex sheet material, a space of its own was the only appropriate solution. If you’re considering the materials for your next build or upgrade, don’t underestimate Perspex panels. They might be the solution you never knew you needed.

What Are Coloured Perspex Sheets?

As with any other coloured plastic, coloured Perspex is a material that comes in a specific shade or even pattern in some cases. Whereas traditional Perspex is high-clarity and see-through, coloured versions open the door to even greater versatility. From tinted Perspex designs that open up spaces to solid-colour sheets that act as dividers and barriers. There are a thousand uses for Perspex. The only limit is your imagination.

Much like clear Perspex, you can cut coloured Perspex to any shape, size or style that you like. Easily combined with other materials – much like glass –, Perspex has the benefit of being hard-wearing and easy to use. Whereas a specialist glazer may be needed to install breakable and valuable glass panes, cheap Perspex sheets are quick and easy to install. They’re nowhere near as fragile, and still, produce that same high-quality effect you’re trying to create.

Coloured Perspex doesn’t just have to be one solid colour. Depending on your needs, you can recreate specific designs and branding on this material. For businesses, offices or even public spaces, this provides the advantage of an all-in-one solution. While glass requires the use of vinyl stickers or decals, there are no additional steps for Perspex. It’s one and done, making it an excellent fit for builds across the UK. Residential, commercial, industrial and otherwise.

The Versatility Of Coloured Perspex

What makes Perspex glass a great alternative to more traditional architecture? It’s the high degree of versatility that makes this material so appealing to many contractors, property owners and businesses. It’s entirely possible to create a permanent Perspex setup that you love. However, there’s also the option to change and alter existing spaces every few years without breaking the budget. The affordability of Perspex further adds to its functionality, making it the ideal resource for companies of all shapes and sizes.

As for coloured Perspex, in particular, there is plenty that you can do with this unique material. Especially if you’re willing to think outside the box. Coloured Perspex allows you to create on-brand structures, dividers and spaces utilising this material for excellent visual consistency. Perspex can be designed to your specific Pantone requirements if needed. It’s possible to create spot-on displays, POS and even event furniture and builds that are entirely on-brand with minimal effort.

Other Benefits Of Coloured Perspex

By working directly with Perspex suppliers, you have access to high-quality coloured Perspex in all shapes and sizes. Therefore, it’s possible to create even intricate designs that would be costly and time-consuming through more traditional building methods. Add on the ability to develop fully printed and branded designs on Perspex, and you’ve got the ideal material for a wide range of different purposes.

As a weather-proof and outdoor-suitable material, coloured Perspex also offers a great-looking alternative for use in partitioning outdoor spaces. That way, you can create specific light levels and even add interest to exhibits or enclosures. For zoos and parks, as well as botanical gardens and green spaces, Perspex is a hardy and high-quality way to introduce signage, coloured glazing and branding to areas that may otherwise lack those features.

Realistically, there’s no limit to what you can do with coloured Perspex. From shop floor retail Point of Sale through to vehicle manufacturing, industrial functionality to residential décor. With Perspex, whatever you’re inspired to create can be brought into full colour. Read on for just some of the ideas of what you could do with access to high-end coloured Perspex from Plastic Sheets Direct.

What Can Coloured Perspex Be Used For?

As an affordable and highly versatile material, coloured Perspex has thousands of different uses. It all depends on what you’re looking to achieve. As a manufacturer, having a low-cost, high-impact solution that meets the needs of your customers is the ultimate goal. With great quality Perspex, that’s more achievable than you might think. Here are a few of the industries where investing in Perspex is worth your time:

Home Décor And Architecture

For the construction industry, sourcing effective and budget-inclusive solutions for glazing and residential features is key to keeping that bottom line low. The use of Perspex for glazing is an excellent start. But beyond clear options, coloured Perspex is a highly effective alternative to in-home detailing. Features like kitchen splashbacks, inbuilt bathroom screens and even sunroom features can all be fulfilled using coloured Perspex sheets. That will also create additional interest without the high price tag of traditional glass materials.

Commercial Advertising And Signposting

The use of coloured Perspex may not yet be industry standard for all commercial and public spaces, but it should be. Perspex can be cut to any shapes and sizes, and designed with specific branding in mind. This makes for an affordable and effective way to outfit large-scale projects, whether it’s providing signposting to a zoo or offering partitions in open spaces and offices. Thanks to the ability to create any shape and scale with Perspex, the material can be used for anything from huge pieces to the smallest of details, adding cohesion to a broader space and brand.

Industrial Design And Development

Thanks to its hard-wearing nature, Perspex is uniquely suited for industrial spaces. Coloured Perspex, in particular, offers clear and effective signposting. To divide specific areas, colour-coding is an excellent choice – which is something that division using walls and space splitters can provide. Perspex allows for quick and easy installation. Choose an opaque form to allow light into space without compromising specific manufacturing or development areas.

Where Can I Buy High-Quality Coloured Perspex?

If you’re researching great Perspex suppliers for your business, then Plastic Sheets Direct is the ideal choice for you. We’re the experts when it comes to creating incredible Perspex sheets of all shapes, sizes and styles – all within your budget. Whether you’re looking for Perspex for a specific project or considering utilising different kinds of Perspex in long-term partnership, then get in touch with our team today.

We stock and cut to size all types of Perspex, from custom-made designs to plain and simple clear and coloured designs. Provide us with your measurements and details, and we can deliver the results directly to your door swiftly and effectively. No need for cutting in-house – simply install and go. Get in touch with our sales team today to find out why Plastic Sheets Direct is the supplier you need.

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