3mm Mirror Plastic Discs

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A beautiful, decorative type of perspex, mirror plastic disc sheets are a great choice for any project where you need a material to take pride of place.

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A practical material in a beautiful reflective finish, acrylic mirror discs are versatile and suitable for a range of projects from studio and gym mirrors, table covers and props, to horse stable mirrors, signage and more. Mirror plastic discs is extremely strong with shatter-proof properties, this material features a protective film to prevent scratching as well as excellent chemical resistance to make it easy to clean and polish with most household cleaning products. An ideal choice for child-safe mirrors in dance studios or educational displays in schools, they’re hard wearing and strong but still give the same aesthetic benefits of real glass materials. Perspex mirror is much stronger than glass while offering many of the same clear, reflective qualities but also harbouring further benefits including thermal insulation and being much lighter and hard wearing than glass mirrors. Mirror plastic discs also great for shop displays in makeup counters or footwear stores with the plastic mirror offering a more durable alternative to glass, it’s much lighter and easy to machine, laser and engrave to perfectly suit your needs.


– Shatter proof
– Silver mirror finish
– Protective film to avoid from scratches
– Stronger & lighter than glass mirror
– Easy to cut, clean & maintain
– UV Stable (no discolouring)
– Excellent chemical resistance
– Great themal insulation
– Excellent sound abatement properties
– Easy to machine. laser cut and engrave
– Impact-resistant; stronger than glass (more than half the weight)


– Gym mirrors
– Dance studio mirror
– Horse stable mirrors
– Signage
– Point of sale & display cases
– Table covers
– Child safe mirrors
– Garden mirrors (Needs to be pre-backed for protection from water ingress)
– Decorative Applications
– Plastic mirrors
– Retail display
– Architectural design
– Prop & model making
– Theatrical set design
– Cosmetic display
– DIY projects