Anti Static Cleaner


Tensol 70 500g Set

Total: £17.14

Product description

To eliminate static charge, as well as delaying it from building up on the surface of your acrylic or other non-porous materials, treat them with a high-quality, effective anti-static spray to prevent build-up from occurring for thirty days post treatment – when kept in normal humidity, indoor conditions. You can firstly remove any scratches by alternating between wet and dry fine grit sandpaper and wiping dry with a clean, dry cloth. Once you have cleaned the material with warm, soapy water to remove any sanding dust, spray it using the anti static cleaner and use a microfiber cloth to gently buff the solution into the surface with circular motions to quickly dissipate any static charge. This Anglo Anti Static Cleaner spray is DI water-based, safe to use and completely biodegradable, leaving a glossy shine that will prevent dust, fibres and fluff from being drawn to the surface of your material.