The many variety of perspex glass

Perspex Glass: The Many Varieties

Perspex glass – or acrylic, as it’s also known – has the advantage of providing you with many options. Perspex acrylic is hardy, and whether you’re running a commercial or domestic product, Perspex glass can do the trick. And it is useful whether you want to install it indoors or outdoors. If you’re looking for Perspex acrylic, then, we can provide Perspex sheet cut to size too, thanks to our bespoke cutting service. Here are just some of the types on offer.

Types Of Perspex Glass
Clear Acrylic

One of the most common varieties of Perspex glass is “clear acrylic”. This material is all around us, and you can find it in both domestic and commercial contexts.

It can make your life much easier thanks to its versatility. It is just as at home in a window frame as it is in a kitchen or food preparation area.

In terms of windows, Perspex glass is often chosen by those looking for an alternative to conventional glass. This is because it is better at dealing with ultra-violet light than glass is! It is also waterproof. This makes it a good investment in a home, office or commercial building’s exterior.

Buying clear acrylic also offers you peace of mind when it comes to sustainability. As leading Perspex suppliers, we have sourced our Perspex panels using ethical supply chains. It is also possible to recycle these materials too. These are durable products, but once you have finished with them you can ensure they don’t go to landfill.

At Plastic Sheets Direct we take the stress out of plastic cutting. We can provide you with a Perspex sheet cut to size no matter what your size requirements are. Whether you need them for windows or splashbacks or something else, we can adapt the thickness. You can send us your dimensions in either metric or old-school imperial formats.

Coloured Perspex Glass Sheets

But there are various other types of Perspex, too.

Take the example of a coloured Perspex sheet. A coloured Perspex sheet is perfect for the kitchen, where splashbacks are designed to defend the fixtures and fittings of a kitchen. It is often used around cookers, too.

Not only will this give a kitchen a design boost thanks to the splash of feature colour it adds. It will help make a home or premises look amazing to visitors or customers, too! And what’s more, it can also extend the lifespan of a kitchen’s decor.

Coloured Perspex sheets are wipe-clean, so the days of food-stained kitchen wall paint are gone. And splashbacks made from this material can also be used in other rooms where water is commonly used. Why not consider livening up a plain white bathroom with coloured Perspex sheets in green, yellow, red or similar?

In doing so, you will be keeping your home or premises fashionable and cutting-edge. And you will also be reducing the amount of time required before you need to redecorate. In general, we recommend that you opt for a high thickness when making a splashback. Going for a thickness of 5mm is wise.

It’s also possible to use acrylic to create a range of light effects. That’s where fluorescent acrylic comes into play. Fluorescent acrylic has a particularly striking and translucent appearance and is often tinted a certain colour. This means that it can appear to glow in the dark! Consequently, making use of light is a useful way to create an atmospheric feeling in a room such as a kitchen.

Reflective Perspex Panels

Here at Plastic Sheets Direct, we know just how vital it is to keep your home or premises looking stylish. Indoor Perspex uses like splashbacks and UV-resistant double glazing are certainly ways to achieve this. But Perspex can transform your garden and grounds too.

Our Acrylic Mirror Sheet is a common choice for those who want their gardens to be livened up with reflections. Perhaps you have beautiful foliage that you want to show off. Or maybe you want to create a Mediterranean vibe by bouncing sunshine between surfaces. Reflective acrylics are perfect for this! They should not, however, be placed in direct sunlight.

Safety, too, is important. That’s why our Acrylic Mirror Sheet is made with strength. In fact, this type of Perspex glass is stronger than conventional glass! This means you can install it as a replacement for a shed window or similar. Its super-durable strength means that won’t have to worry about it being easily shattered in bad weather or similar.

And its insulation properties mean that you won’t need to worry about damp. You can install reflective acrylics even on a building like a shed which contains metal or tools prone to rust.

Commercial Uses For Reflective Perspex Panels
There are also some other potential commercial uses for reflective acrylics, too. Perhaps you operate commercial leisure premises, such as a swimming pool or nightclub. These mirror-like surfaces are excellent for adding a touch of pizzazz that your clientele will love.

Furthermore, Acrylic Mirror Sheets are strong too. So you can rest assured that you won’t be putting your staff or customers at risk by installing them.

We offer our reflective acrylics in sheets of 3mm thickness. They are made using our clear acrylic plastic as a base layer. Following that, a laminated silver layer is applied to the reverse.

How We Can Help With Perspex Acrylic

Perspex is a truly wonderful material which goes the distance no matter you use it for. Here at Plastic Sheets Direct, we are proud of our reputation as top Perspex suppliers. You can trust us to provide quality but cheap Perspex sheets time after time.

Acrylic is so easy to use that you can adapt itself yourself using DIY tools from your own tool cupboard. But to make things simple, we offer a bespoke cutting service. All you have to do is let us know what your preferred size is.

When it comes to putting together your acrylic, you won’t have trouble. You can cut, mould and drill acrylic using standard DIY tools which you are likely to have in your toolbox. That way, you will save time and energy – and won’t have to shell out exorbitant sums to pay for an expert fitter.

For some acrylic-related jobs, though, using a cheap supplier like Plastic Sheets Direct makes sense. We can do the time-consuming task of polishing the edges of your acrylic in-house. There’s no use wasting your time on this when we can do it for you, so just let us know.

We are also proud to commit to bespoke sizing, too. No two houses are exactly the same when it comes to dimensions, depths and walls. And that’s why our teams are trained in creating precise, laser-like cuts of Perspex panels for you.

So all you need to do is get your tape measure out and take some measurements. After that, you can sit back, relax and let us do all the hard work.

If you’d like to find out more, why not get in touch with the team at Plastic Sheets Direct now?

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