Why choose a perspex sheet cut to size?

Perspex sheet cut to size is an in-demand material for various projects – from homes and gardens to businesses and outdoor buildings – for good reason. This high-quality product is a cut above other types of plastic, and it’s both durable and elegant. Whether you want a unique design or a timeless, easily maintained classic look, this versatile material is perfect.

Perhaps you are a contractor looking for long-lasting, attractive materials for clients. Or perhaps you are seeking to purchase Perspex sheets directly. Whatever you need, we can help. Here’s an explanation of what Perspex sheets are – and what their advantages are, too. We’ll also share some examples of Perspex use cases from our own portfolio.

What Is A Perspex Sheet Cut To Size?

Perspex sheets come in all shapes and sizes, and there are different design options too. Perspex sheets are also known by a number of different names. One such alternative name is Plexiglas. However, the technical name for Perspex is acrylic.

Under the acrylic umbrella, there are many different varieties of Perspex as well. There is clear acrylic, which is transparent and used sometimes as a base for more complex variations. Coloured acrylic is also available, often in tinted or fluorescent forms. And reflective acrylic used to create a mirror effect is also available to buy.

Why Use Perspex?

There are many reasons why people choose to use Perspex plastic for their projects. One of the reasons is its durability. There are some misconceptions about Perspex’s durability. Some people believe that Perspex is not as durable as glass, and hence cannot be used for windows. But this is not the case. It is, in fact, a very strong material, and often stronger than glass itself.

In fact, Perspex is often used to create secondary double glazing. It comes with a variety of insulation-boosting features to keep a home or premises warm in winter. What’s more, it is actually better than glass when it comes to UV light defences. Taking control of window fittings couldn’t be easier when you have Perspex on your side, especially when ordering a Perspex sheet cut to size.

Perspex Use Cases

No two uses of Perspex sheets are the same. Some people choose Perspex to keep their outdoor buildings properly insulated. Others choose to decorate the interiors of their homes or offices with it.

Are you a building contractor looking to expand your range of services to customers? If so, why not consider adding Perspex fitting to your home renovation product list?

A stylish kitchen is an excellent way to increase decor options in a home. And it is also a way for you or your clients to invest in their properties and add value. Perspex sheets can help achieve these twin aims.

Why not consider a stylish splashback for a kitchen? Made from Perspex plastic, splashbacks can be customised in many different colours for added customisability.

As mentioned above, Perspex sheets are also often used for windows. They are cheaper than alternatives such as double glazing, too. You can install them with a minimum of fuss. That, in turn, means there is no need to pay installation fees. It also increases the light in your rooms compared to glass. For bathrooms and other privacy-focused situations, meanwhile, we can provide frosted Perspex.

It comes with an optical clarity rating of 96%. This means that a light-bathed living room or kitchen is just a clear Perspex sheet away. And it can also reduce your client’s heating bills.

Perspex is well-known for its thermal insulation properties, too. Moving to Perspex and away from old-fashioned sash windows or damp-prone wooden frames makes a lot of sense.

With so many uses, it is evident why a Perspex sheet cut to size is the best solution for your project.

Our Past Projects

Do you find yourself searching for “Perspex sheet near me”? If so, check out some of our past projects!

Perspex plastic is useful because of its versatility. Here at Plastic Sheets Direct, we provide Perspex sheets not just to retail customers, but to businesses too. In the past, we have worked with businesses such as stables and other animal locations.

On these projects, we found that Perspex sheets worked well as insulators. This is because it has a more UV-friendly rating than glass. Our clients also found it easy to clean, which made maintenance in messy animal environments much easier.

Case Study: Vehicles And Boats

Vehicles of all varieties are often left out in the elements. This is especially true of boats and yachts, which roam the lakes, rivers and seas.

Perspex offers a great way for these vehicles to be protected and looked after properly. Whether you maintain your own vehicles or you do so on behalf of an organisation, we can help.

We can make all sorts of fixtures and fittings for a boat from Perspex. The windows and washboards are two prime examples. Perspex is fully waterproof, meaning that you can take a boat made partly from Perspex out on the water entirely safely.

Consider getting that classic yacht look by opting for a grey tinted window over the front of the boat. Our Perspex panels for windows are sold with a decade-long UV defence warranty from the manufacturer. This means the item will be protected from sunlight damage.

Our team can cut your new windows to size, too. You may need to provide us with old versions so that we have the exact measurements.

Time is of the essence for many boat owners and operators, especially if repairs are required. That’s why we’re proud to offer a timeframe of just a few days in most cases. Not only does that include manufacturing, it includes delivery too.

Try Our Bespoke Service For Perspex Sheet Cut To Size

It’s easy to get your Perspex sheets cut to size, especially with the complete service provided by Plastic Sheets Direct.

Are you looking for a great bargain? If so, we can reduce the thickness of the Perspex sheets you order so that you can save cash.

Perspex sheets lie in a sweet spot of affordability and ease of customisation. Unlike some materials, they are offered to the market at low costs. There are also often bulk discounts available. Why not call our team today and speak to them to learn more about it?

But unlike some other cheap materials out there, they do not require extensive maintenance. You can mould them to your own requirements using your own tools. You can, for example, drill your new Perspex sheets into place using a standard drill rather than complex equivalents.

Some tasks involving Perspex sheets may need to be done by us. This might be the case if you’re looking to add a particular finish to the edges of your Perspex. Or it may be that you want a Perspex sheet cut to size to meet specific requirements. If any of these apply to you, get in touch and we can help. We have access to specialist cutting equipment including computerised equipment.

If you’re asking where you can find Perspex cut to size near me, get in touch with Plastic Sheets Direct. Don’t miss out: get in touch to discuss our exclusive deals on bespoke Perspex plastic cutting and much more.

We are available both over the phone and via email. If you have any queries about the services we offer, our customer service team will be happy to help.